Meet your coach

PDAM Founder & Head Coach Naomi Borg

Naomi Borg Leyland, PDAM Founder & Head Coach has trained pole at leading academies across the globe, gaining extensive experience which has helped her to create a truly unique pole dancing experience in Malta.

Naomi started her pole career in 2015 and developed an instant passion for aerial sports. With no prior dance background, she knows what it means to start from the bottom as she trained to develop her aerial skills and flexibility to a professional level.

Eager to learn more about the pole industry, she took her training further by becoming a certified instructor. Naomi has also performed in several shows and competed against other international talents.

Pole dancing has a special place in her heart and opening her own academy has been a dream come true. Naomi believes in testing her limits and motivating the individuals that practice with her. Her encouraging, positive and warm personality will make you feel at ease and ready to perform to your full potential.

Naomi PDAM instructor