Information about our classes

Classes for all skill levels

Pole Fitness

This beginners class is suitable for your first try and introduction to pole dancing. You will learn basic techniques such as turns, climbing and sitting in the pole

Pole Tricks

This class focuses on improving and mastering inverts, climbs and spins. We will work on intermediate tricks and mastering moves.

Pole fitness classes
Stretch & Flex

Being flexible is an advantage in aerial sports and that is why this class will focus on assisted stretching to work on your flexibility. Through several stretching exercises, we’ll work on improving the flexibility in your hamstrings, calves, hips, shoulders and back. After this class, you should feel more supple and you’ll be one step closer to those splits.

Pole Flow with Naomi
Pole Flow

During this choreography class you will learn how to move your body with more grace and elegance. A choreography is taught throughout the class focusing on making beautiful lines with your body, self expression and flow around the pole.

Naomi Borg Aerial Hoop
Aerial Hoop

We have aerial classes for both beginners and intermediates. During our beginners class, we will work on aerial hoop techniques and tricks for beginners. You will start building strength in your arms, shoulders and upper body, and learn new moves. The intermediate class is suitable for experienced aerialists. We will continue building on what you learnt in previous classes and essentially take your knowledge to the next level.

Exotic Choreography
Exotic Choreography

During this class you will learn exotic choreography, in which simple dance moves will be combined with tricks and floor work. Learn how to graciously move around the pole and feel more sexy and confident.


Our students can attend regular workshops where we hold special classes such as Chair Dance. Stay up to date on our socials to see when our next workshop is taking place, and make sure to book your spot early as spaces are limited!

Health & Safety Guidelines

The health and safety of our students and staff is paramount, especially during the global pandemic. Please adhere to the following guidelines when attending classes. It’s very important to follow these rules out of respect for your teammates.

  • Wash your hands before entering the premisis
  • Disinfect equipment before and after use
  • Bring your own yoga mat and towel
  • Instructor spotting is currently prohibited
  • Keep a safe distance between your fellow students
  • It goes without saying but if you are feeling at all unwell, please avoid attending class!