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Come and dance in the biggest and most modern pole studio in Malta

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We run various classes six days a week for students of all levels and abilities. You will be sure to find classes that fit around your schedule.

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We're proud to own the largest and most modern pole dancing facility in Malta. Our purpose built training space is fully equipped for our students.

Learn how to pole dance with Naomi

Naomi Borg Leyland has 5 years of professional experience in pole, having trained at several prestigious academies in London, UK. Her mission is to share her love of this expressive art with fellow pole lovers in Malta.

Join the #PDAM family! We're over 70 strong and counting.

Established in 2019, PDAM has quickly become the leading aerial sports academy in the country with over 70 active students. Join our diverse team of pole dancers and aerialists, who respect each other and strive to help each other grow.

This passion brings us all together as we share ideas that help us discover more about the physical and mental benefits of pole dancing.

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Frequently asked questions

Pole fitness is an increasingly popular form of fitness and dance based on choreographed routines with a vertical pole. Pole dance can help you improve your posture, coordination and flexibility, get fit and build confidence. Being an extremely empowering form of exercise pole dance is full of elegance, energy and femininity.

Pole Dancing is a fantastic way of exercising! It strengthens and tones your entire body, develops your cardiovascular stamina, increases your flexibility and is loads of fun. There’s something uniquely empowering about pole dancing. Whether its the strength and power you get from pole practice, or the buzz you get from achieving new moves, people are always telling us how pole has boosted their confidence.

PDAM classes are for fun and fitness so everyone is welcome. Men and women are welcome & all our classes have a supportive and friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome no matter what your age, shape or size is.

For your pole dance class, you need to wear shorts & a top. You will need skin to grip on the pole & we highly advise you to not apply lotion 24hrs before class as you will slip, hand jewellery is to be removed before the class.

For lyra hoop we recommend tight clothes that cover your skin. For instance, a tight long sleeve shirt or a leotard in combination with leggings.

If you are joining any of our classes you would need to bring water, hand towel & a yoga mat (if you don’t have a yoga mat you can use the studio mats)

Absolutely! Everyone has to start somewhere. We have classes tailored specifically for beginners and our teachers are highly trained and experienced in making sure you will feel safe starting out your new journey with us.

Classes fill up quickly & booking is essential as spaces are limited. students are encouraged to sign up for the class as soon as possible to ensure your spot, to book a class click the ‘book now’ on the website and you can view the timetable and classes.